Welcome to our new website!


Welcome to La Galette de France’s brand new website! It’s been quite a while now that we desperately needed an upgrade.

Today, we are proud to show you the collaboration efforts of a great team of people.

First, I would like to thank Elliott and Peter of Promotoon, a young Perth web designer duo who did a fantastic job with capturing the essence of our business in the design and layout of these few pages.

My inbox was full of overseas companies emails offering their services and promising just that, but I wanted to go local. I wanted to put a face on a name, meet and shake hands with the people who were going to participate to our online image.

It was perfect timing when Elliott and Peter came in the picture. It felt like this was meant to be, seating at table 4, in our shop, discussing over a coffee…and slice of cake off course!

Talking about pictures, this brings me to mention another great contributor, who made this experience so much more special.

There is a saying that says: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and this couldn’t be more true in this instance. Most of the beautiful pictures featured on this website have been taken by our very own Jenny Porcheron. Amateur photographer in her spare time, Jenny, who worked for La Galette for a few months this year, put her hand up as soon as the topic of “website pictures” was first mentioned. It was going to be her first time making food photography, and she wasn’t quite sure she could pull it off, but boy how am I glad she gave it a go!

Little did I know that the next 2 weeks, I was to become a light technician!

There we were, at the back of the shop’s kitchen, squeezed in the small passage between the kitchen and the store room. Jenny, sometimes in the most astonishing poses, taking pictures of the products at different angles, against improvised backdrops. And me, hands in the air, following Jenny’s “orders” to directing spotlights to our subjects, “to the top..to the side…”  hoping  to override the effect of the harsh light created by the neon fixtures covering the kitchen ceiling. What a crazy time it was! Sometimes having to drop it all to help serve at the front counter. It was hectic, but so worth it. We were so dedicated and anxious to giving justice to the products, that when came the time to review the results; we were amazed and ecstatic to discover the quality of the pictures we managed to pull through with so little means.

So, as you see, this whole experience was a labour of love, and will remain a fond memory for all the participants (which are pretty much everyone at La Galette de France).

We hope that it will make you enjoy your online visit even more. Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

See you in store soon!

Nadia x


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