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since 2005

14 years of history

La Galette de France was originally established in 2005 by Eric and Nadia Masure at the Subiaco Station Street Markets. It didn't take long for this little French duo to become well known for the high quality of their products and the friendliness of their service.

"We have always been proud of the values La Galette de France stands for, and for helping to train younger generations of aspiring bakers."

"We've kept all the good things and added a few more."

2015 started a new chapter

The pair amicably ended their marriage, and each became independent owners of their half of the business. Nadia now owns the one remaining retail shop of "La Galette" on Hampden Road, and Eric is the owner of "La Galette de France Wholesale", located a couple of kilometers away on Broadway.
Refering to the Hampden Road Cafe opened in 2015, Nadia says "My main focus with this venue is trying as much as possible to provide our customers with a greater experience of the French culture and its traditions . We go beyond serving tasty French food. We take you with us on a journey to our little fragment of France, right here, where the radio plays french songs and French news all day long. Several regions of France are represented among the staff, so if you ask us, there is a lot to learn about!"
With the help of a carefuly selected team, she is now proposing, in addition to her already popular cooked to order Crêpe and Galette menu, a new range of French Café staple dishes that are getting great feedback.

as for Eric...

Owner of La Galette de France Wholesale and "Baker Extraordinaire", he is still in command of his faithful team of bakers, spending most of his days and nights producing away a large range of baked good in his off-site commercial kitchen.

This keeps him very busy, as in addition to Nadia's shop, many of his products are also complementing the brews of numerous high end Cafés around Perth. He also opened more recently his own take away shop in Northbridge, "French Resistance".

For those of you who know him well, Eric remains the same. Forever reluctant to delegate part of his workload to anyone who doesn't share his expectation for quality. His loud distinctive voice resonates in the high ceiling workshop, often laughing uncontrollably over a silly joke, or grumpily mumbling that he is not happy about a batch of croissants that failed to rise properly. His favourite saying stands strong, even more so than ever:

"There is no substitute to quality."     Oh...and this one too: "Yes, I'm French...what about it?... Nobody's perfect!"   (followed by uncontrollable laughter)

Tasty food starts with quality ingredients

What is important to you is important to us. We source good quality ingredients for their superior nutritive value, but also because we believe that it makes all the difference in the taste of our end products.

We do not use already made bread, cake or filling mixes, or preservatives. We choose to use high quality butter over margarine, free range eggs and poultry, ham of the bone, premium quality fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, as well as organic wheat flour from Terri and Dayle's Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm, to mention just a few.

"We love and respect the ingredients that we transform, and we love that it makes you happy"
"Thank you to all who have supported our business over the years." Eric & Nadia